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with Diliara Malikova

Meet Your Future Teacher

My journey as a nail technician started in 2017 in Russia. Back then I used to face challenges with gel applications as they wouldn't last long on my nails. I got tired of it and decided to change the situation. And that's how it all began.

Firstly, I enrolled in manicure classes to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills. One year later I made my way to the USA to pursue a career of a nail technician already in New York.

By 2023 I've completed over 30 different classes to expand my knowledge and expertise and established my own studio in Queens, where with pride and joy I train new nail technicians in my unique E-file technique.


Although some goals and steps have been achieved through these years, I'm still on a continuous learning path because I'm sure there are always lots of new things to be explored. I'm dedicated to extend the high level of nail service and to share my experience and knowledge with others. 

And that's where I meet you, my future student!


Hello everyone! my name is Diliara and I'd love to share my story with you before wee go further to the education part. Hope it'll inspire you!


Combined manicures & pedicures are the most popular and versatile techniques today.


These courses will help you learn my signature techniques that have allowed me to become the highest level technician in a short period of time.

  What are you going to study during the course?

  • nail anatomy 

  • proper cuticle work

  • seamless color application near the cuticle without a thin brush

  • instrument sterilization that is essential for your safety and well-being

  • extensive hands-on practice

 You can check upcoming dates and sign up for courses using the "Sign Up For Course" button next to each class description. 

If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out through social media or phone.

We will be happy to assist you!

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